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Our Team | Amplus | Vancouver Web Design & Development Company
  • A bit about Our Team

    — A perfect blend of techies and artists fighting against mediocrity

    We are a team of tea and coffee lovers. Some say a perfect blend of techies and artists. Armed with experience and teamwork, we seamlessly work together to realize your business vision.

The Founders

This is the story of why it all happened.

We began at a time when best web standards, multilingualism and long term web maintenance were scarce. The word AMPLUS derives from Latin meaning distinguished, honourable and ample. Since our conception, our primary goal is to uphold this ideology and improve the digital communities we serve.

The theme of coffee and tea is an introspective take on the key flashpoints of a programmer’s journey, where a grinding lifestyle reigns. Though stereotypical, it is a constant reminder of one’s roots. Our culture embraces the idea and we proudly place themed artworks throughout our office!

Favourite Drink: Earl Grey Tea

Ewart Xia

Managing Partner / Head of Operations



Favourite Drink: Oolong Green Tea

David Shih

Managing Partner / Business Development

Favourite Drink: Matcha Green Tea

Diana Chan

Lead Design / Account Manager

Favourite Drink: Black Coffee

Cindy Tan

Technical Web Project Manager

Favourite Drink: Light Roast Coffee

Peter Au

Senior Full Stack Developer

Favourite Drink: Cold Brew Coffee

Donny Chen

Intermediate Full Stack Developer

Favourite Drink: Medium Roast Coffee

Ellie Fahimi

Junior Front-End Developer / Layout Designer